Redux News Reader

For some reason nothing is rendering before I even start the project, worked through first 10 steps to see if it would render later but nothing.

Anyone else had this issue or knows a way to fix?

Often when there is a typo or a javascript/react error, the whole site will refuse to render on CC’s online IDE. I highly recommend copying the files to a local environment with a newly created create-react-app. If you dig inside the HTML of the iframe that the online IDE is embedded in, you can actually find a link to the container that will open in fullscreen if you paste it into the browser. You may have more luck getting an error message through te console or React debugger using that container.

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Copying files over to local environment with new react app has worked, thanks for the help!

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Hey! I think I figured out the issue -

This lesson uses Mock Service Worker (MSW) to replicate the functionality of an external API. To use MSW, you’ll want to use Google Chrome and enable third-party cookies.

Make sure your browser allows third party cookies.

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