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Hi all
I have just done the Redux News Reader project on the full stack course (50%). My name is Darren.
Although I have done all the code…it will not display at all in the display panel and I cannot figure out where I have gone wrong/what is wrong?

I would welcome any help please. Many thanks.
I have made a Gist/copy for your perusal/observation.

Many thanks


Hi Darren,

do you get any errors in the console?
And have you tried to add some consoles to see if all values you dispatch or get from the selector are what you expect?
I had a hard time with this project. It doesn’t have a download link and setting up a local installation would be difficult to impossible because you you’d have to copy paste every file and they use a mock database.
It took me ages to realize that for some time when hitting “Save” my changes weren’t compiled. All my changes weren’t visible until the next day when hitting “Save” had an effect eventually. I would recommend to check if you have a similar problem by adding consoles and changing some of the html and see if you see a difference.

I did get an “unexpected token” error for ‘POST’ but I have tried POST with/without quotes

In which file did the error occur?

I believe it’s the first file

My online Tutor has just highlighted some errors …so will try to amend those and see what happens? :frowning: :slight_smile:

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