Redux News Reader starter code is not showing anything

Hi everyone,
I’m working on the Redux News Reader Project, but the starter code seems to not work for me as nothing is showing up in the localhost window.

I’m using Chrome with 3rd party cookies enabled and specifically allowed for Codecademy, cleared the cache and reloaded the page but nothing changed, it’s still white.

What I understood from the description it’s not supposed to be like this, so is it a bug? How can I fix it? Redux Dev Tools in Chrome is also not giving me any hints since nothing is showing up there either.

Thanks for any help,

Hi Melanie,
are you working in the Codecademy environment or are you trying to develop locally in your code editor?
In case you’re working in the CC sandbox, did you complete the first task (importing createAsyncThunk from Redux Toolkit into commentsSlice.js)? Unless you did that, the localhost window is blank.

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Thank you, I had imported the first bit into the wrong file…! :s Hadn’t noticed with so many files open in the CC editor, silly mistake.

If there is a way to develop this project locally, I would prefer that, because it makes debugging with the dev tools much easier. There is no downloadable folder with the starter code though, so I am not sure if that’s possible for this project.

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Since there is no package.json which allows you to easily install React with all dependencies and since the project has a lot of files, it is not really intended that you develop locally, I think. I copied the content of previous React files from CC projects that also had no download option and pasted them into my local React setup, but these projects had much less files and dependencies. So I guess I will do this one in the CC environment.

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Same for me, I completed the first part now, in the CC editor. Also I am not very familiar with the Mock Service Worker and if it needs a different setup locally, so nothing to worry about here in the CC env :slight_smile:

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