Redux-news-reader nothing rendering

Hi, I’m trying to complete this project but not having any luck as nothing is rendering to the screen.

I have tried firefox and chrome and tried it on codecademy and on my own pc.

This is what it looks like on codecademy for me, I completed 10 steps and still nothing was rendered.

This is all that is rendered when I run the files from my own pc.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am kinda stuck not being able to complete this project.


Hi @owka54!

It would be helpful to post your code or a link to it. The best way would be to create a GIST.

Start by clicking on ‘Tools’

Then click on ‘Create a Gist’

Paste that link in a reply here so we can help you find the error in your code.

Hi thanks for the reply,

Nothing is rendering by default, even when I haven’t entered anything. It’s like the code that is there from Codecademy has an error in or something where nothing is actually rendered to the screen when there should be.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you hadn’t added any code. I don’t think that is an error, it is rendering the text ‘All Articles’, but until you set up state and the other components necessary to complete the project, you will not see anything else.

I do vaguely recall something that was funky with this project. Be sure to analyze the data structure as only a few of the articles have any comments associated with them. This was very confusing when trying to test as I kept selecting an article that had no comments and couldn’t figure out why nothing was displaying.

Good luck!

Ah, I have sorted it!

For some reason it wasn’t working before but I just reset the workspace on Codecademy and left for a while. Then refreshed the page and completed Task 1 and it is now showing up.

It wasn’t working before when I tried this so seems like it must have just took a while to connect properly or something. Either way I’m glad it’s sorted now aha.

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