Redux Expense Tracker - Console Errors

I’m currently attempting the Redux Expense Tracker project and have finished the budget slice section (completed task 4).

The guidance suggests that I should be able to see the app in the built in browser window however nothing appears.

I have checked the console in chrome dev tools and I’m receiving the below error message.

I have tried following the trouble shooting tips suggested including clearing cache, trying a different browser etc but I still recieve this message.

Could anyone please help me understand why?



You are currently using minified code outside of NODE_ENV === “production”. This means that you are running a slower development build of Redux. You can use loose-envify (GitHub - zertosh/loose-envify: Like envify but much faster) for browserify or setting mode to production in webpack ( to ensure you have the correct code for your production build.
d @ react-16-redux-4-bundle.min.js:121
index.compiled.js:588 Uncaught TypeError: (0 , _toolkit.default) is not a function
at Object.13.@reduxjs/toolkit (index.compiled.js:588)
at o (index.compiled.js:1)
at index.compiled.js:1
at Object.12…/…/components/Budget (index.compiled.js:547)
at o (index.compiled.js:1)
at index.compiled.js:1
at Object.6…/features/budgets/Budgets (index.compiled.js:227)
at o (index.compiled.js:1)
at index.compiled.js:1
at Object.16…/app/App (index.compiled.js:736)

Error msgs are sometimes hard to track down in these kind of projects. But I would check these component out for errors: /components/Budget and …/features/budgets/Budgets based on the error msg. You can always copy them over into VS-code quickly for a more in-depth check of missing {} () and other syntax issues.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I hadn’t made any changes to either of those files and even reset the project completely and started again in budgetslice.js to try and work through the error, but got the same results.

Could this be an issue with the initial setup files for the project?

I looked at it now, it renders. But I did it a long time ago. It is likely an error in your code. But you can disregard the top msg about minified code - that is not really an error. The uncaught TypeError is the issue. You can post the files that you modified and the step that you got stuck perhaps. Could be an issue in one of the slice files.