Redux - create Codecademy Store - Where's the video walkthrough

Hi everyone,

hope everybody is doing well.

I’m currently following the redux class in the full-stack-developper path.
I’m stuck at the “Codecademy store” project (link : Link to the exercise )

But… believe me or not… I’m stuck at the first step (yeah I know…) and I can’t find the video walkthrough ! (Yeah I clicked on get unstuck at the top-right of my screen). So if somebody can link me this video this would be great ( and/or if somebody of Codecademy can resolve this problem too…).

Of course… after I’ll go back to my lessons because being stuck at first step is clearly the sign I did not fully understood the points of the course (to be honest I nearly understood anything of this one, had to check on other website to complete the explanations).

Wishing you the best through you journey to learning code !


There’s no video unfortunately. I had to look through other people’s code in order to complete this project, and even so I couldn’t get it working properly…

Hi, I found the Link in another Post:


Thanks a lot !
This will definitely help me and other students.