Redirection 8. Sort

I am having troubles with #5 Use cat to output the contents of uniq-deserts.txt and I don’t understand what to do next. I was wondering if someone can give me a hint or help me get to the correct code! I have tried looking back at the other lesson and I am still confused. I do understand what code is. What I have tried for coding is cat deserts.txt | sort > uniq-deserts and uniq-deserts.txt | uniq > sort deserts.txt. Please tell me if I am close or give me hints. Please help ASAP. Thank you!

If it’s only asking you to output the file’s content, then you probably shouldn’t also be sorting it? You’re writing to files as well, and you’re not reading the file that they ask you to display. You are trying to execute uniq-deserts.txt but it is probably not marked as executable and probably doesn’t contain something that bash knows how to execute

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