Redesigned my portfolio - old is gone - feedback?


So I redesigned my portfolio, would really appreciate any feedback. I went for a more retro, minimalist style.
Not entirely sure about my retro Carl Sagan animation, let me know what you think?


So I had a look around...

It was cool and all, until I hovered on Jimi.

That was the icing on the cake, totally unexpected. Bex also. Annoying, but really cool.

May I add that your photographs are simply gorgeous.

The intro page is nice and really original. I like the old-school videogame vibe. The only negative here is having to wait before I'm able to re-enter your site. That's the only thing that bothered me a little, the rest is great work.



Thanks for the kind words dude!!


I think it looks super cool! Keep pursuing your passions!


Hey there, looks rad :smiley:

I had a few issues though while browsing your website:
1) Lags spoiled my experience a little (not sure what is the root issue, but probably not related to my hardware and internet connection);
2) Saw weird characters (screencap below)


Cheers! Will look into these.


It looks really nice, but it lags a lot! i think you should have another look at your animations


Yeah, I'm going to remove the canvas and change some of the animations.

Thanks for your input!


Awesome job final project hope the job you are looking for comes along soon!


Looking good! Coming together nicely!