Hey all,

Decided to brave up and actually do the “receiving feedback” portion of the portfolio project.

It’s a simple idea, just a bit of fun. The app grabs a random word and gets you 3 Reddit posts based on that word.

Here is the github repository.

And here is a live version of the project.

Two features I was considering adding are: 1) display the word that the posts are based on for a bit of contextual fun, and 2) back and forward buttons so you don’t permanently lose previous results when you get new ones. I haven’t added these features because I’m lazy, but know it’s in the back of my mind.

Feedback welcome and encouraged.

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Hey there,

This looks good ! :slight_smile:

I think you could lose the counter folder, as I cant see that being used anywhere - potential remnants from testing/experimenting?

Potentially giving posts a fixed width? so on a wide screen some posts don’t appear massive compared to others where look like narrow columns!


Hey! I like very much your approach to the project. Congrats!