Reddit lite

Hello :wave:

happy to present my Reddit Client project:

Definitely love this project as it requires you to incorporate multiple concepts learned throughout the course as well as researching, trying and analysing code examples on your own. It also confirms once again that practice is without a doubt the best way to strengthen the knowledge.

The project took me about a week to finish and there were couple of aspects that caught my attention more:

  • Responsiveness: my wireframes for this app imply a different components positioning for mobile and larger screen devices. So I was looking for a way to render them conditionally depending on screen size but I also should be aware of unnecessary network requests from this components (for example on screen size change).
  • Routing: my choice was to display post’s comments of separate subpage but user should be also redirected back to main page if changing the feed displayed. Also I wanted to keep the possibility to reuse links to post+comments page (for example to sharing). It also needed a small configuration to make it work on Netlify.
  • Comments: posts comments are not limited to only top level but are rather sort of tree structure so it would be cool to let user see this structure.
  • Structure and patterns: here I feel like having less success than in things mentioned above but I’ve also tried to keep balance between just working solutions and over optimizing.

Will appreciate any feedback :heart_hands:

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What an impressive project!
Love your use of hover animation in Reddit cards and comment nest structure!
Adding the image of each channel is very inspiring to me and using route for each card is also a really good idea.

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