Reddit Client: Rendering Post Comments

Hi, I’ve been working on the reddit client project as part of the fullsatck web dev path / react section.

So far I’ve managed to pull through the feed from the subreddit but I’m having a lot of problems trying to generate the comments for each post ‘onclick’. I dont seem to be abel to map the comments to each corresponding post and get them to display properly.

I can see from console.log’ing the output that my function calls are returning an array of all comments for each post when i press the ‘comments’ button but I can’t figure out how to display them to the user.

The intended functionality is to grab the comments from the json api when a post’s comments button is pressed and then map them underneath the post as comment components.

I think its an issue concerned with passing the props but I just can’t seem to crack it, hoping someone can help.

The current version of the project is on GitHub: