Reddit-client project

Finally I share this finished project. It may be the slowest result here but it took me 2-3 weeks of non-intensive work.
Generally it was difficult to understand where to start and how to connect the pieces
together. But when you start building from simple to complex, you see the work is progressing. At first I made the whole app managing the state without using Redux. Then I modified some slices of state to be managed by Redux. As far as I understand Redux isn’t much necessary in such kind of projects and it made my code much more complicated than it was before. So I tried it just for practice.
Also I tried to write some tests using Jest and React testing library because Enzyme hasn’t yet been updated for React 18.
In my app the users are navigated to the separate route for an individual post when they click on the post in the list. On this page they can see comments which are displayed with nested replies.

Happy coding! :wink: