Reddit client project

Hello everyone

So finally I am at this point (Reddit client) project.

I thought I was ready but when I wanted to start with it I didn’t know where to start…

I know that a lot of poeple are having the same problem and I know that a lot of professional programmers had the same problem as well…

If you know how to pass this let me know that will be helpful for me and for others as well.



Yeah getting started on a project can be pretty difficult sometimes, what I would suggest is getting two things as your starting point:

  • Getting a very basic interaction with the Reddit API set up, their API documentation is frankly, pretty poor and a little challenging to work with but is one of the pretty vital steps for that project. It doesn’t have to do anything fancy by this point at all, just take a look through the docs pages and find something simple you feel comfortable starting with.
  • Plan/wireframe what you’d like the project to look like, something like Figma is good for that imo, it means you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about the design later on and you can just focus on its implementation.

From there you can start building out components and functionality using (and adding to) the basic API setup and the design you’ve got.

Also, for large projects, it helps to break it down into much smaller, easier to manage chunks and tackling each of those one at a time, which is going to be far easier than trying to work on the entire scope of the project all at once, you could even use a tool like Trello (or even just a simple to-do list) to keep track of each of those.

Happy coding and good luck!