Reddit Client Portfolio Project

This project took me about a month to complete working on it mostly on weekends. The hardest part about building this app was trying to figure out what information I needed to pull from the Reddit JSON API responses as depending on what you are fetching, you need to grab different data. Otherwise building the app was not too difficult, but figuring out how to set up test runners for a combined redux/react router stack using was a bit frustrating until I figured out that MSW was going to be the best tool for the job. Once I figured that out, and learned how to use it, writing all the integration tests was fairly easy. This app has different pages for a home feed, subreddits and feeds for each of them, as well as users and feeds for each user. The user can search either the main subreddit feed, search for a subreddit, for posts inside of a subreddit, and search for a user.

Looks like you did a really good job here!

I am just starting the project and had a quick question as I look through your finished project for inspiration and ideas.
Did you go down the OAuth official API route or just use the JSON skimming API as suggested?
From the looks of your README you went with the suggested method and I wondered if you had had any issues with the limitations on the number of requests you can make to the API

Hope you are still smashing out the learning!

I used the JSON skimming API. For the most part I only had issues with the limitations ont the amount of requests whenever I accidentally put my api calls in a loop. I think the reason is that I only make one call to the api on each page, store the data in state, and then parse the data to display the relevent information. As opposed to making api calls for every piece of info. This does have the side effect of being a bit memory hungry, but less api calls means faster testing.

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thanks so much for your response, that’s really helpful