Reddit Client: Mini-Reddit

Mini-Reddit allows users to browse posts from Reddit in a simplified interface. It features the ability to view popular posts, search for specific topics, and filter posts by categories. I designed it to be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.

Challenges and Learnings:

Throughout the development process, I encountered several challenges, especially in managing API responses and integrating Redux for state management. One specific hurdle was implementing category filtering, which required a good understanding of Redux actions and reducers. Additionally, ensuring the app was responsive and accessible involved CSS and React component structuring.

Live Demo and Code:

You can check out the live version of the app here: Mini-Reddit

The source code is available on GitHub Repository

I would love to get your feedback on this project! Any suggestions for improvement, code reviews, or thoughts on additional features would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have questions about how I built certain parts of the app or about the technologies used, feel free to ask.

Thank you for checking out my project!

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Hello bumbitzu, I saw your code, and I like that it’s simple, you have everything needed, and everything works. I also saw that in one your post you said that you can help if someone has a question or issue. And I thought, if you are not against, may I ask you some advise about my code? I made mini reddit project, but I still have some issue that I can’t solve.

Hello everyone!

I have completed the reddit-client project.

Github link: Reddit-Client-Minimal
Live at: Live Reddit-Client-App

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions!