Reddit App, still in production (almost 0 css)

Hello I’ve been working these past 2 days on my reddit app. I have done already subreddits with hot/new and hot/new funcionality. I think I’ll add also top list and more than one page for articles. There is also comments and replies in every article. I’ve focused only on react/redux app and didn’t work on my layout, but I’ll do it later so You can come back and see how it looks. I’ve also didn’t write any tests, so I think I should work on that too. Feel free to comment and check the code. I won’t mind if You use some parts of the code in your app too. :slight_smile:
Reddit App Code
Reddit App

Ok so I’ve added some css and top list, realy sloppy work, but at least it’s more readable. Dunno if I should write the tests, seems like pain. But who knows maybe I’ll need them to get some job so maybe I’ll try later this week. I also added some support for media like yt and reddit video. Reddit mp4s that I get from the json didn’t have audio so it’s kinda sad :stuck_out_tongue: Well anyway feel free to check out new layout and maybe give me some feedback on what I could fix.

So i came back to my project after some time and tried to write some tests, I have succeded in writing very basic tests in React Testing Library, tried to use Mock Service Worker for doing some more tests, but couldn’t figure it out. Hmm i think I’ll pass for now…

@wfarat what’s your progress on a project I just started!