Reddit API changes for Third Party Apps

Hi, Not sure if I’m putting this in the right place - it seemed appropriate.

I’m not on this project as yet, far from it, but I am curious how the changes to Reddit announced for the API on May 31, 2023, will affect us as students on the Front-End Engineer course. While I’m unfamiliar with all the changes, I have become aware because of the 2-day blackout on many subreddits at present in support of saving third-party apps. My understanding from some brief research is that the API will no longer be free and the cost Reddit intends to implement will cripple the usage of the API by third parties.

Has there been any word from Codecademy as to whether these changes will affect us as students or is this something not to be concerned about?

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That’s a good question for sure.
I’ll see what I can find out & hopefully report back.

You might also want to take a look at the Roadmap link at the bottom of this page–which links to an Trello chart–to see what they’re (CC) is working on. Or, keep an eye out here as maybe you’ll get a reply from the content or product people.


Hey there – it’s something that the Curriculum team is looking into presently. Lisa’s right about the Trello for seeing what fixes (if any) get slated. If there are changes coming to the content, they’ll get broadcast out to affected parties and/or noted in a prominent place like the Heroku banner.


Hi, thanks for confirming what’s going on. I’ve bookmarked the Trello page now and will keep an eye out as I get closer to that project. :slight_smile:

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