ReddArt App

Woo, finally completed! It was pretty tough to know where to start, but once I did I just kept slugging away at it and got there. It solidified a lot of my learning and made me a fair bit more confident in my abilities. This all took me ~5 days.

One negative about this project is actually about codecademy’s lessons for the most important aspect of this which is the use of Reddit’s API. The lessons available for both connecting to APIs and utilizing their data are pretty poor and in some cases outdated.

Anyways, here’s my finished project: ReddArt. It’s a reddit client with a curated art-focus so that users only have various art-related subreddits and posts delivered to them.

Let me know what you think.

Link to deployed site
Link to github repository

The main thing I wanted to fix on this project was replacing all broken/missing images with a default picture. I got kinda far into making an if/else function, realised it wasn’t working and scrapped it. The way I access the images through also grabs urls that lead to text, videos, and galleries and I can’t figure out how to just grab pictures and then replace the others with a default image. Let me know if you have any tips on how to implement that.