Redacted! Need Help With the .split method Lesson


this is what i have so far.

words = [michae, matthew, anthony]
words.split(" ")

then it says Oops try again! It looks like you didn't use the .split method to make words an array.

Very confused on what to do.

  1. The name in an array must be in " ". Or you should create the variable of your names before.
  2. What are you going to split in an array? Every string in an array is already independent, isn't it?


1) figured that out luckily.
2) I am not sure what I am trying to split here. I was just going with what the exercise was telling me to do.
3) I guess they are independent, didn't really think about it.

Thank You Very Much!


I think you can also use some methods (as we saw already in this course, I mean .to_s! ) to convert your objects into strings. There is a good article on it:


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