Redacted 4/6

Looking at your code, you have this

mots.each do |mot|
print mot #or print word + " " #or print word + "" 

mots is your list. You want to over each | mot | in your list, meaning that you should have something like this at the end.

mots.each do |mot| # for each mot in mots
print mot + ""     # print mot

Yes that’s the code I write !

mots.each do |mot|
print mot + “”

And … it doesn’t work !!! :disappointed:

I really don’t understand why…

This is the only one out of all the suggestions that actually works haha

Oh, Thank you so much. I almost threw my computer out the window. Is there any way to tell that a problem is a bug any quicker than searching through the forums?

Thanks for sharing. I copied and pasted what cssrunner68784 suggested without the ability to move on. I know that code cssrunner68784 gave us all should have worked. There’s a bug in this tutorial for sure. Oh well. I am able to continue. Again, thanks artsdottir for sharing.