Red X on Step 1


If it helps, this seems to just be a general bug with the site that I’ve been experiencing recently. I just switched to jQuery and on this lesson I’m hitting a similar problem on step 1:
“Let’s start by using jQuery to target every ‘.product-photo’”

Here is my code:

$(document).ready(() => {

… and yet I get a red X on the step and cannot proceed.

Unknown error when displaying all messages

Hi @jhuddleston333,

Your code doesn’t pass me either, but is correct. Please report it as a bug through the form beneath the instructions on the left, then submit the code until the “Get Code” option comes up. You can use that to pass the exercise.


Why we should not right semicolon at the end of the line?


@microblaster29685 You can, it doesn’t matter too much in this case. I’d recommend using them whenever appropriate, but it won’t affect whether the exercise passes you here.