Red X on Step 1

If it helps, this seems to just be a general bug with the site that I’ve been experiencing recently. I just switched to jQuery and on this lesson I’m hitting a similar problem on step 1:
“Let’s start by using jQuery to target every ‘.product-photo’”

Here is my code:

$(document).ready(() => {

… and yet I get a red X on the step and cannot proceed.

Hi @jhuddleston333,

Your code doesn’t pass me either, but is correct. Please report it as a bug through the form beneath the instructions on the left, then submit the code until the “Get Code” option comes up. You can use that to pass the exercise.

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Why we should not right semicolon at the end of the line?

@microblaster29685 You can, it doesn’t matter too much in this case. I’d recommend using them whenever appropriate, but it won’t affect whether the exercise passes you here.

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