Red Eye Photography - Footer alignment

Red eye photography project last step my footer is not aligning as far right as the demo.

Here is my CSS:

.footer { color: #31363d; font-size: 10px; height: 70px; line-height: 70px; padding-right: 40px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; margin-bottom: 100px; }

Here is my HTML:

<div class="footer"> <p>PHOTOGRAPHY BY MATTHEW WIEBE</p> </div>

Demo version

My Version:

Hey James,

Try removing or decreasing it’s padding-right. That should at least get you closer to your goal, if the footer text is still too far to the left, could you copy/paste your entire code into a Fiddle, please? Thanks :

I removed the padding right altogether and it’s still not moving at all.

Here is a fiddle:

if you want this:

<div class="footer">

to be on the absolute right side, i would move it below/after the container (div with class container)

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Yep that was the case. I actually didn’t have my indentation lined up so I didn’t realize it was still in the container. Makes sense.