Recursion Trouble

I’m taking the computer science course, and everything up until the recursion section has made sense. Even after looking at the solutions (which I haven’t had to do up until this point), I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how the code works. Things just don’t seem to be “clicking.” Is this common, or is it just me?

@danvenette3331491612 There will always be struggles. You just have to slow down a bit, ask for more help, or even take a break from the matter entirely.

Agree with @tera5288723178, and if you have trouble and you want to keep going, what I recommend is to go back and relearn some of the earlier things. It’s important for you to understand the beginning exercises because programming builds off of all the concepts you learn earlier in the course.

More than likely not just you. Some topics you’ll find easier than others, as you would with learning anything.

I would say, though, that recursion isn’t a trivial concept to grasp - so don’t beat yourself up too much if this is stumping you more compared to earlier material. :slight_smile: