Recruitment website


i am a beginner and want to gain experience by building my own recruitment type website from scratch.

I want to build an interactive site which will allow

  1. Random people to upload: profiles and pics and documents

  2. allow secure payments

  3. capture data securely

which courses should i take with code academy.

many thanks

I would do the following:

  • learn html + css, you need this basic to design a good website (link to exercise)
  • (optional) make a website, introduces you to bootstrap, to build nice, mobile friendly websites faster (link)
  • javascript, you need this to make your website interactive. link
  • jquery, a javascript library which makes it easier to make a interactive website link

You could skip javascript, or combine javascript and jquery, that is up to you.

-make a interactive website, pretty obvious why isn’t it? link

If we want to store user data, we use a database, So the next obvious step would be sql (link to exercise)

Now, we have a problem. Because there are two ways to go on codecademy: php, which allows you to upload profile pictures and documents, and then store them in sql. But you could also learn ruby, followed by ruby on rails (a ruby framework), which allows you to do the same thing.

I recommend to search online, i can’t tell you: that one is better. You will have to do the research on that one.

This answer purely focuses on the options available on codecademy, but if you really like javascript, you can also decide to manage your backend with javascript (nodejs), or if you really like python, you could learn django. Or even a php framework (no php framework on codecademy)

You could check the api’s on codecademy, you find them here, but i could be you need a different api. Again, that is research you have to do

What do you mean by capture data? (point 3)

What do you mean by capture data? (point 3)

thank you so much for your reply.
re point 3 i mean contact details credit card details. i am want to avoid the issues surrounding ashley madison which i believe most programmers/hackers were saying would have been avoided by taking care of their data eg encrypting data

That was just poor programming. You can store data encrypted into a database (rails support this, so does php and many more), and of course make sure your server is secure, think about where you want to host your website.

ok got it thanks for all your help.