Recreating Lodash: .clamp() not working

Hello all!

I am following the web development tree and I am currently on recreating the Lodash Library Project. I will admit that my Javascript is not my strong suit but I am really baffled with this one as I referred to the video and have exactly the same code, and it still isn’t working.

Here is my code:

const _ ={

  clamp(number, lower, upper){
    var lowerClampedValue = Math.max(number, lower);
    var clampedValue = Math.min(lowerClampedValue, upper);
    return clampedValue;


// Do not write or modify code below this line.
module.exports = _;

Which is exactly the same as in the video and formatted the same, except the colours in my version are different to that in the video.

When I run it following the video instructions it returns:


What am I missing here? I am totally clueless! Any help would be much appreciated.

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I already finished that project so I copy pasted your code to test it out for you, and it worked fine for me without any changes…


The only thing that I was able to do to get it to pass the test/lodash.js and then fail like yours in the test/clamp.js test was to comment out the module.exports line.

It’s in your code though. Did you make changes that weren’t Saved before you ran the tests maybe?


This was going to be my question; if you didn’t hit save before running the tests, it won’t have taken account of your new work since the last time you clicked “Save”. :slight_smile:

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Yup… that will be it!! Thank you so much! My brain was not working apparently.

Thank you!


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Thanks to everyone who responded to this. Forgetting to save first was the simple solution, but I wasn’t going to figure that out until you clued me in.