Recommended Skillset for Entry-Level Development

Hey all,

I started coding on Codecademy about a month or 2 ago and I’m currently working through the JavaScript course. I feel like I’m making good progress and have an established routine that I like to use for going through the lessons and studying. I know that learning JavaScript will be valuable, but I’m wondering what else I should learn once I complete this course. Anyone with some real-world experience have any advice or guidance? Thank you!

What is your end goal, are you doing this for fun or are you looking to move into a job in software development?

@peachesmotorsports efinitely looking to move into a software development job. I really enjoy it, so it’s fun for me, but that’s just a plus! :slight_smile:

Then you definitively need to look into:

  • terminal commands
  • source control
  • unit testing
  • Docker
  • Agile framework (you won’t be managing it, but you will most likely be part of it so you need to understand how it works and how it benefits you)

If you want to be a full-stack developer, you should also look into Node.

I’ll check those out! Do you know of any good resources to learn these? Does Codecademy have courses on any of those subjects?

You should get used to learning from the source, in the future you’re going to have to learn a lot of things and the best documentation is usually already there.

  • Codecademy has a course on the terminal
  • for Agile there’s documentation everywhere, courses are not free

Awesome, thank you so much!