Recommended reading no longer in syllabus

Pretty simple but I’m having trouble finding where the suggested chapters are now that they’re no longer included in the actual lessons. I know they’re only supplementary and aren’t required etc etc etc but we bought the books (HTML & CSS design and build websites & Javascript & Jquery by jon duckett) and I thought it was convenient to have the ‘recommended chapter’ integrated. (It also helped me break up the pc learning to book learning for some breaks from the screen. lol)

I poked around in the syllabus and courses and also tried searching the forum but didn’t find any further details. I’m guessing we just pick the appropriate chapter to read when a new topic is presented?

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So I did finally come across one; it was in a review at the end of the whole first section on html. SO it’s good to know the nod to the book is still technically present. My only beef is that this particular reading suggestion is 5 chapters of the book (whereas the previous suggestions were normally only one chapter. The difference being that one chapter is like 30-50 pages depending on the subject but 5 in this case is 130 (less the ‘break from screentime’ and more the 'ppl were getting irritated that they had to click through one more page/felt pressured to buy the books/etc etc)

So case closed I guess? lol But I am a little disappointed. I’ll have to go over the chapter headings in both books and try to line up the chapters/content with what I’m learning in each section if I want to balance it out a little more.

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Hi @method8175116844,

I took note of your comment and forwarded to CC. There might be different ways to communicate in a way that works with people who want to study from books (I’m one of them :slight_smile: ) without creating friction with other learners .

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