Recommended Order for Python Courses

Hey, I’m new and I’m trying to improve my Python skills as much as I can by taking as many of the Python courses as I can before September when my school year starts. I know there are skill paths and career paths but I like that format of just individual quicker courses the codecademy offers. I was wondering if there was a recommended order for taking the python courses after the python 3 course, or if the order they are organized already is the recommended order. If not, no worries I’ll just pick and choose and I go but I’d love to hear any advice. Thank you.

Hi there @code2480769004
While I am not sure whether there is an official order for the courses, I am half-way through using the following order and I have found it to work quite well:

  1. Learn Python 3 (obviously :slight_smile:).
  2. Learn Data Analysis with Pandas (The numpy course also works well here.)
  3. Visualize data with Python (While you did say that you only wanted the shorter courses here, I think that the skill path is better than the individual visualization courses).
  4. Learn Recursion.
  5. Learn Blockchain.
    This should be a decent amount to get started here but you if you want to go further I recommend these:
  6. Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing (the roadmap lists TensorFlow course coming out in Fall).
  7. Some of the complex - or linear-data structures courses.
  8. Technical Interview practice with Python.

There is of course also the more specific courses such as Search Algorithms, Web Scraping or the Watson API but I haven’t tried these so I can’t comment but they might be fun to give a go.

If you have any more questions or there is a course that I have not mentioned here, feel free to reply and I will do my best to give my opinion!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:,


Thank you so much! This helps a lot and I appreciate it.


That’s the data science path. Which is beautiful! It will also involve some serious math commitment.

You can also consider doing back-end web development with Python. Which is python, sql, html, css, (javascript is useful), django/flask (not so easy), and networking. (less math… in my opinion)

But honestly you can spend months just learning python alone well and algorithms with it. Depends on what you envision needing it for.

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Hi @code2480769004,
Glad I could help! @toastedpitabread Is absolutely right, and the courses are part of the Data Science path which can be difficult at times. I have found however, that if you take them separately, you are able to avoid some of the more complicated maths stuff but you might be better off with @toastedpitabread recommendations of some of the backend development, and the roadmap lists a Flask course coming out in the near future, just try whatever you feel is best for you!

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Thats really good to know, I’m not actually sure what direction to go in so this helps a lot! I’m not too too opposed to getting into the math-y side of coding. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.