Recommended Movies Portfolio Project

Hello everyone!

I’ve made it to the next portfolio project and decided to write a movie recommendation software. I used a doublylinkedlist to add them because I noticed the regular linked list was bringing everything in backwards (reverse alphabetical order).

Some side notes:

  • The review ratings are my personal opinions for each movie.
  • I wanted to work with .csv files so I could get some time understanding how reading and writing works with those.
  • I added in a function to add new movies to my .csv files because I noticed it’s very easy to forget something or type something incorrectly when trying to manually edit the .csv file. This add function will correctly update the files as necessary.
  • While the default is to sort the movie lists by genre, you can also change it to sort by release date (which will then ask for release years). I am considering adding in a few more search options as well.

Movie Recommendation

I appreciate all feedback and thank you so much :slight_smile:

Sorry all. Decided to make a small update to the movie review and added some new features. It will now also sort the movie lists once a category is selected. The standard sort method is to sort by rating and then by alphabetically if more than one movie have the same rating, but you can change that to alphabetically. (Sorting by released date currently does work, I’ll have to figure that one out).