Recommended computer specs?

im doing the data science career path. what kinda computer specs are recommended for this kinda progrmming, for the course and beyond the course in a job scenario, i cant find any sort if recommended computer specs.

i have an offer to buy a 2010 dell prescision m4500. it has an i7, they guy upgraded it to 8gb RAM, a 225gb SSD, and a new battery. it has windows 10 home installed. he is offering $100.

however it being christmas, i may have the chance to get something better, (and not as heavy and clunky lol) but i would obviously be spending more than 100.

so i could either get this dell, even though i just watched a youtube video saying that even if you did upgrade the ram and ssd, this particular model wouldnt really be worth much other than to just surf the web, do email, maybe if youre an author you could use it to write… doesnt sound too promising for heavy coding frameworks and machine learning…

anyone have any tips or recommedations?vthank you

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