Recommendations for practice

It was recommended to me to practice the javaScript concepts outside of the lessons here. Can anyone recommend some places to do that? I’ve completed the intro to JavaScript course so many times I have the instructions almost memorized. I know there is a place to practice concepts once you get to the end of all the chapters but it doesn’t tell me how to do that and i can’t just start writing code… Same with codepen. Does something like this exist?

I need something REALLY EASY. So far I’ve tried and edabit they are all too complicated, even the most simple challenges are too complicated (ex: call/declare/return a function, generate a random number between two values, write an array). Something that would compliment what I’m learning here.

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you can always just run node js in the terminal and use it as a sandbox. That’s how I practice my non-visual js.

I need something that tells me what to do.

@byte5723385929 then you should avoid it for now.

I tried node in the terminal a while back, it blew up with a bunch of weird errors and i couldn’r understand anyone advice to fix it. Is there a way to not use terminal? Does node tell me what to practice? I need something that tells me what to do.