Recommendations for front end development?

Hello all! I am getting started on my journey to be a front end developer and I want to make everything from websites, to blogs, to apps to my own server.

So far I’ve learned about java, html, python and I’m currently studying javascript here.

Does anyone have any recommendations for developing outside of here? Or projects I should attempt to better hone my skills?

One place I use to mess around is It has a window for html, css and javascript then it displays the result of all three in a seperate area.

I know this is late but this is a fantastic source thanks!

[jQuery] ( will be useful as well as Make a Website if you want more practice with HTML and CSS…

Downloading an IDE and practicing your code will help you…

I currently use Visual Studio for c++ for school but for html,css and js I have been using sublime text 2 editor. Does there exist an IDE for web dev?

What you are using is fine :slight_smile:

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I recommend learning a javascript library and framework. My preferences are jQuery and AngularJS. You would need to get your design skills in shape by learning more CSS and by doing projects. Get your projects up on github so that you would have something to talk about during interviews as well as with the community.