Rebrandly Not working

Hi all, I’m doing the JavaScript Requests module and was prompted to create an account with Rebrandly. The given link took me to a page with a “create account” button. I clicked “sign up with my google account” and it sent me back to the login screen. Now every time I try to log in, a loading wheel appears and disappears, doing nothing, all the while not signing me in.

I wonder if anyone has (a) had this problem (b) knows a way to get around this in so I can continue with my codecademy module.

Did you try going to Rebrandly’s website (not through the link) and logging in with google from there?

Thanks for the reply. I just tried going from the google to the homepage of Rebrandly. Amazingly, the issue is still there. I can’t sign up or login, on either the home page or the “unauthorized” (not logged in) page.

I just cleared my browsing data (cookies and the rest) for the week. That gave me a fresh start. I’m now logged in.
Thanks again for the suggestion.

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A follow up for anyone that may be experiencing the same problem. It was not the cookies. Something just got botched when I hit the sign up with google button. Clearing my cookies just allowed me to use the log in forms again. I did a password reset and I thought I was good to go – not the case, once I logged in the problem persisted.
The real fix was 1. clear cookies 2. Use a different email (without the automatic google sign up)

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