Really strange problem with my account


Hi guys, I have a really strange problem with my profile.

I use 2 computers: 1 laptop, 1 desktop.

When I start a curs on my desktop, I supose that if I connect with the same user with my laptop, I will have the same curses done, i will can continue where i leave it in my desktop, isn't??

Well, is not like this... my courses aren't coordinates... and it's really annoying because when i start a course i have to finish it on the computer i start on my laptop or on my desktop...

And I don't understand... is that normal??


You need to make sure you're logged in with the same account on both. If you're logging in with Google, make sure you're using the same google account. Your account should be saved across the account, just make sure you're using the right one.


yes it's the same account... I'm shure!

for example: I finish the point 1 - introduction to javascript... but the resume it's 0%...
and before i was doing in english and now it's in spanish

I don't understand nothing...


You could also just do the lessons again because of looks like you are at the very beginning of the JavaScript course.


Really confuse everything...
Looks like, I will have to do it again on my laptop.

And another thing is, if you are doing lesson 2 for example and there's 9 points... and you do 5... every time i have to do the 1-2-3-4-5 points... there's nowhere that tell me, " Eii user you already done this point...

I don't know.... I was trying to find a contact mail but there's no one...


This is probably because you have been using different language settings on your laptop and desktop computers.

From the Codecademy Help section ( :

You changed your language preferences

You may have switched languages (from English to French, for example). When you switch languages in Codecademy, you will reset your progress in each exercise.

However, your progress hasn't been lost—if you switch back to the language you started with, your progress will still be there.

We recommend sticking to one language so that your progress remains consistent.

You can go to Account --> Preferred Language and make sure your preferred/correct language is listed.