Really need some feedback on my project!

Hello, I would really like some feedback on my portfolio.

I think it’s very basic and I’m wondering what I could do to spice it up and make it look a bit more professional. I tried to make it using pretty much what I learned in the course so far, and I’m not sure what other special things I could add without copy/pasting crazy amounts of code from some tutorial, or how I could use more javascript to make it more interactive.

Thanks in advance!

Pages: John-Paul McGrath (

Repo: ItsTheBravo/personal-portfolio: My first portfolio displaying my work using HTML, CSS and Javascript. (

Congrats on finishing the project!

One thought:
For the different Technologies sections:

  • perhaps rather than have paras for each describing your skills, break it down into bullet points for each and make sure there are key words represented in each. (Look at some job postings on LinkedIn (or wherever), copy the “required skills” into a word cloud generator and see which words are the most repeated. Make sure those words are listed under the tech skills you know.
    That’s my .02.

That’s a really good idea, I’ll add that now :smile: