Really feel like I am having amental block? 19. Background and colour

<Have been looking at it for a while and think I must be missing something simple?!>

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think I have missed the reading on changing the background using CSS?

Go back a few lessons and read it…

And if you need any help then come back here and we can assist you.

Codecademy lesson:


I have read back on this and tried re jigging the code but not sure what to put between

to refer to style Sheet? Sorry I hoped this has explained it very difficult trying to type this on iPad keyboard? Thank you

Its hard to work on hand held devices, do you have a laptop or desktop that you could use ?

stylesheet is where you type in the CSS, its an external page and you have to click on the CSS tab to add the code

I have got a laptop I do my course on, I was just replying on the Ipad,
I cant get the html to read the stylesheet?
not sure what should be in the

I’m really missing something, I have looked back at this and re-read it?
Everything else I have managed to pick up quite quickly?

Please paste in your HTML & CSS so I can help you further along with the lesson URL and error that you are getting

Thanks for taking the time to help me!

You haven’t specified what selector the styles should be added onto.

This is how you would do it:
example red text on paragraph

    color: red;

Did you see the post I sent?

Yeah understand that bit.
Its not the paragraph that I want to change though?
its the background, what do I put in the Div so that it reads the stylesheet?
Sorry I don’t know if I have explained it correctly?

I used a paragraph as an example as I wanted you to see that example and apply it with the div…

you would do something like this(example of div but different styling):


   color: #FFFFFF;
   font-family: Arial;
   background-color: #000000;



if the HTML tag is <p> for paragraph then your selector will be p

after you add p


you will add opening bracket


your styling and closing bracket




please can you help as I cant get passed this bit and have lost three days?

Have you read this ^ Really feel like I am having amental block? 19. Background and colour

I explained it.

Show me what you typed.

also please tell me whats your age?

sorry I hadn’t seen that reply?
I am now 40 is that a problem?

Okay no problem read understand and apply, and if you still have an error then paste in your code.

No not a problem

thank you so much! I had too many open brackets { ?
thanks again and sorry to be a pain!

Yeah your syntax was incorrect, I believe you understand it now ?

Yes! I feel so stupid?
Thanks so much for your help. If I get stuck again is it ok to contact you?