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More out of curiosity than anything, how is JavaScript used in the real world. I’m asking about its applications (what is it used for) and whether or not it is worth learning.


Hi @mondaymondayy,

JavaScript is used together with HTML and CSS to make the websites dynamic and interactive. Together, they form what is called Front End Development. Basically, if you want the user to interact with your website, you will need JavaScript. It is referred as Client-Side scripting language, everything is done at the client-side, which is the user part.

Most of the websites will integrate some form of JavaScript, unless you want your website to be not interactive at all (term as static HTML pages), just for portraying images and information/links and nothing else. JavaScript is already part and parcel of website development, it is ubiquitous. To get a picture of why JavaScript is needed, visit a few of your favorite webpages, disable the JavaScript in your browser setting, you will notice certain functionality of the web page can be limited or sometimes rendered unavailable.

The advantages of learning JavaScript at this time is that JavaScript has been evolving fast, and now it is developed to be used as Server-Side script language (refer as the Back End Development) as well, which is Node.js all about. So consider if you’re learning JavaScript, you will have the option of choosing a Front-end path and the Back-end path, which sounds like a good deal.

Nevertheless, don’t take my words for it. Take the Introduction to JavaScript lesson in CC to see if you like it or not, many people jumping into learning languages based on what the trend is, and what future prospect might hold, but in the end, some of the people lost their way or interest just because they either burn out from forcing themselve or they lost their motivation to keep going as what they’re doing is not where their interest is. Learning a language is subjective, everyone has an opinion about each languages, it is more for you to explore and read more and align it with your goal and interest.

For more info:

MDN (good reference page for Front-end):


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