[README] Learn Go

Welcome to Learn Go

This course contains the following sections/lessons:

Learn Go Introduction:

Variables and Formatting



Will there be additions to this class around loops, other parts of the language soon ?


Hi @gigamaster70692,

Thanks for taking the course and being interested in our future Go content! As of now, there aren’t any immediate plans to add to our Go course. But, since I did write some of the current content, I do have a rough plan of what I want to include in new Go content once we make it a priority to produce more.

Here’s a roadmap of what we’re currently working on as a team: https://trello.com/b/vAgDXtT6/codecademy-releases-roadmap. You can also find it on the footer of the codecademy.com (under the Resources section).

In the meanwhile, here are some resources I found very useful:

Hope that helps,