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I started the Codecademy Full Stack Engineering Program. The lessons in JavaScript began before the HTML CSS lessons, so I paused. I read HTML&CSS by Jon Duckett and Javascript & JQuery by Jon Ducket (halfway done the second book).

Are there any books that would be best read alongside the lessons? I’m about to pick up where I left off and am hoping I don’t need to stop the lessons in order to get up to speed on the theory. I’d rather do this in tandem.

Hello, and welcome back to the forums!

You’re free to read as much of the books as you’d like, but I wanted to clarify that Codecademy specifies certain chapters of each of the books at different times. They don’t want you to stop and read the entire book. At different points in the path, they’ll specify different chapters that are relevant to the lessons so it can be used in tandem. That might be what you’re already doing now and I misunderstood.

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I only saw a list of books, no reference to chapters. Could you show me an example of where I may see this in the lesson plan?
Must admit, it was a dense read!


Sure, here are a couple examples:


What might have thrown you off was the first time this book was presented, it made it look like “Introduction” was part of the book name itself, but it was specifically referring to the Introduction of the book, which doesn’t even get into the coding much:


I can imagine it was quite dense that close to the beginning of the career path, but you’re definitely prepared for what’s coming now.

Oh man.
Oh well the reading is done. But my 30 day streak is lost. Though, I read diligently for 6 hours + every day. :confused:

Are there any other books referenced that I can preorder?


As far as I can recall, those are the only two books referenced at different parts of the career path.

Sorry about your streak, but at least now you can get back on track and it won’t slow you down when you encounter the readings.

Oh good.
Well those were the two I ordered so that’s great. There is a long list of books just before the JS modules begin. Wasn’t sure if I needed all. I just picked the right two.

Thanks for your help with this.


Hi Scott,

I came across another example today of where one might assume they need to read an entire text book before proceeding.

Am I not seeing the reference to specific sections?


Yeah, it only wants you to read Chapter 1. It’s one of the screenshots I posted before.

It’s clearer if you scroll down the description to the part where it says:

Read the following selection: JavaScript and JQuery , Jon Duckett, Chapter 1.

Strange I don’t see the reference even when I scroll down.

Could this be a browser bug?


Can you post a screenshot with the scrollbar next to the description all the way down like in the screenshot above? Maybe there’s a CSS issue in your browser. Which browser are you using?

Worst-case scenario, you’ll have to be extra careful reading the title above the “Read Now” link, though it won’t specify page numbers there like it sometimes does in the description.

Hi there,
Today I came across another book reference. It seems the chapter is listed at the top, black box white text. I haven’t seen this before.

I am using a MacBook Pro, Safari version 13.1.2

Hi Monica,

Yeah, it looks like there’s a CSS issue. The overflow is hidden on Safari. It cuts off the author’s name and the rest of the text. I don’t see any kind of indication that there’s a scrollbar in your screenshot either.

The chapters were listed at the top in the examples I posted before, but none of them had specific page numbers. At least you have that to work from now.

Okay I’ll try displaying it in Chrome tomorrow.