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My portfolio project creates a horoscope existing of 3 random phrases.
From a repository of phrases it takes 3 random sentences. The function which is called to create the message takes one parameter ‘zodiac’ and prints a corresponding message including the 'horoscope to the console.
I tried to add some complexity by using a factory function by which the code could be fairly easily expanded to create a number of horoscopes for numerous zodiacs.

The coding as such was not too difficult. However, I want to point out I looked back particularly at the Mysterious Mircoorganism exercise to get some ideas. As I didn’t finish in one session it’s somewhat difficult to say how much I took to complete, maybe something between 1 and 2 hours net total.

This is where the code sits:

Any comment welcome!

Solid use of functions.
The object factory was a nice touch, I could see how it could be used to expand the program.

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