React template for website projects

Greetings everyone!

Since I’ve been using react for my personal projects a lot, I’ve created a quickstart project template to use in most of my react projects.
It´s intended to provide a simple quickstart configuration on top of create-react-app so to get you over the common project setup. Use it for all your needs.
Its also open for contributions for anyone willing to try that :+1: Feel free to improve this project with me.

PS: I’m Programing enthusiast so I’m probably doing a lot of stuff the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hoping to learn a lot with your interactions.
Also don’t forget to check out the README file to get you acquainted with the project, and the CONTRIBUTING and CODE OF CONDUCT files of the project!

Here’s the link: react-template-ui

Hope this could be as useful for you as it is for me.
Peace everyone! :two_hearts:

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Interesting, would be nice to have some previews

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Thank you ! :+1::+1:
Great idea! Done, added preview images for the home and about pages on the README file. :pray:

Sorry I meant some preview of what can be achieved with your template.
I haven’t looked at the code so I don’t know what modules are provided, but I imagine that your scope is to have a functional template to do maintain that other devs can fork and use to fast prototype a website.

I also understand that to keep things easy to implement it is better to keep a website template simple and give it a design niche (e.g. template for landing page, template for restaurant, template for small business owner).

I embarked in React because I wanted to create something similar but for e-commerce, (my idea exactly is a react website template for small business e-commerce) maybe we could work together if our interests align :slight_smile:

I created this template more as baseline, general purpose starter. Since I was having to set up react-router-dom, axios, context, reset css, etc… all the time in my other projects I realized that having a template with all this preconfigured would be a time saver for me.
Anyways regarding your proposal, it sounds good :pray: but at the moment I’m working on these other projects I’m focusing on finishing ASAP.
Thank you so much for your suggestions :v::+1:

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I see, good luck with your other projects then! :call_me_hand:

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Quick update on this project:
I’ve been getting some contributions to the project on GitHub. Mostly from first time contributors and programmers which is amazing! It’s been a pleasure to help people make their first contributions to a open source project. :smiley: