React SEO with React Helmet


Hi have built some apps with React, and after reading and learning a bit about SEO i figured out i should use React Helmet to make my app more SEO friendly.
However, even after using this library and set the meta tags and titles for each route (i’m using react-router), i still can find my website in google, even searching until last google page. I even tried to put the website url in google search and nothing comes from it.

Any idea why?

What tools did you use?

If you have problems using it, try setting up Google My Business. It is a free and simplified dashboard that helps business owners manage and update company listings in the Google ecosystem. With a few updates and tweaks, Google has created this CRM feature to help companies create an online presence that will help search users get basic information about NAP and other types of information. It isn’t easy to figure out, so I advise you to contact Experts will help you set up the site correctly.