React Router Redirect, LocalHost3000, and Proxy plus Firewall.... need help!

Having trouble with https://localhost:3000. When I click on the link, system refuses to display the current exercise. It says I need to do something with a Firewall and/or a Proxy. I look for these settings in Chrome, and I go down that Techie Rabbit hole, and get lost! Please help me out here. Thanks!


Hello there. Did you manage to solve your problem? I’d be grateful if you shared the solution because I faced the same issue a week ago, and we still can’t fix it.

The only option we’ve tried yet is moving to these proxies for Facebook, but I’m not sure it’s gonna work. Btw, I think we could also hire someone on Fiverr. Have you tried hiring someone who could help you there? I think it could be a nice option. Anyway, I’d appreciate any of your advice, guys. Thanks in advance for your help!

Not yet; too busy doing a long commissioned art creation AND Winter Holiday stuff. I plan to return to Codecademy when I find the time!

Love, Linda

Yes, I did! I basically updated Chrome, went to Settings > Security > cleared my History and Data cache. Then went to Open File in Chrome menu, got my self-made web page of choice to open… here’s the link to the simplest instructions