React Redux Inspirational Homepage Project - API keys not recognised in deployment?

Why are my API_KEYS not being picked up in deployment? I have them safely stored in ‘.env’ and everything worked fine in development mode. I appreciate this may be something of a schoolboy error. Everything works fine except fetching OpenWeather data and Unsplash data - the two things that need API Keys.

This is my first time trying to deploy something vaguely complex in React / Redux, using netlify and heroku (tried it on both). I assuming it’s not finding ‘.env’ from the github repo. I’m so close to finishing this thing but without those API calls returning OK it looks pretty boring…

Thanks, Gaffyn.

I’ve looked the problem up on Stack Overflow and wonder if I need to put


somewhere…? It’s a development vs production problem. I followed all the steps in Github and Netlify and it should have done what I needed it to for me… I think?