React Ravenous project part 1 Problem

Hi everyone
I have worked on the Ravenous Project part 1 and when i tried to render to the browser I am keep getting this Error massage:

Compiled with problems:X

ERROR in ./src/index.js 7:0-32

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./App/App’ in ‘/Users/mac/ravenous/src’

ERROR in ./src/index.js 8:0-64

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./registerServiceWorker’ in ‘/Users/mac/ravenous/src’

but this is the file and I don’t know how to solve the problem?

I had a similar issue. My problem was that I wasn’t referencing the location of the file correctly. The error messages you posted seem to be referring to lines 4 and 5, specifically




compare them to the structure of your file system. In my case, I found that instead of typing

'./" I should have typed '../' because the file I was referencing was in the parent folder of the one I was working in. Maybe you have a related problem.

The other possibility is it’s a case-sensitivity problem. Make sure if you’re referencing “App” in your code that is is likewise saved as “App” on your filesystem and not “app” with a lowercase ‘a’

I’m also working on this project. I wish you luck.

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