React Ravenous part 1 issue

Hi i need help with my error. I have asked the help desk at codeacademy and they said it isnt their job to help me with this.I have uploaded the screenshot of text editor

Uploading: Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 18.06.16.png… .

this is the error in the browser…

./src/components/App/App.jsModule not found: Can't resolve './components/BusinessList/BusinessList' in '/Users/kathrynarmitage/ravenous/src/components/App'

I just cannot fix them. Please help me!! THANK YOU

I am in the same… And I also tried many things:
"Failed to compile.

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘./components/BusinessList/BusinessList’ in ‘C:\Users\User\teste3\ravenous\src\components\App’ "

In BusinessList.js I’ve changed the begining and it worked :slight_smile:

import React from ‘react’;

import ‘./BusinessList.css’;

import Business from ‘…/Business/Business’;

And in App.js
import React from ‘react’;

import ‘./App.css’;

import SearchBar from ‘…/SearchBar/SearchBar’;

import BusinessList from ‘…/BusinessList/BusinessList’;

This did not fix my problem, it still will not compile.

If you’re having an issue and would like help, it’s best you start a new post explaining your issue and sharing your code rather than resurrect old threads without much information about your specific situation.

If your problem relates to this thread, you need to take a look at the relative file paths between your importing and exporting files.

If I want to import the BusinessList component into my App.js file, I need to look at my file structure.
ravenous/src/components/App/ App.js /
ravenous/src/components/BusinessList/ BusinessList.js

These paths intersect in the components directory (App and BusinessList directories are siblings to one another), which is two levels up from the .js files.

Remember how to use ./ and ../ to navigate and write filepaths.

From App.js I would need to
import BusinessList from "../BusinessList/BusinessList.js";

I think it’s better to use the search bar as the question may have already been asked/answered and this saves creating a new question.