React Project "Jammming" using SpotifyAPI

SoundStack | Create Custom Playlists using SpotifyAPI

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This is my first React app using the off-platform project guidelines for the “Jammming” Spotify Project. Not going to lie… this was a huge undertaking going in with the knowledge taught up until then but I am very excited to have made it through whilst adding my own touch to it! I wanted to make a website that resembled an early 2000’s iTunes application. You do not need to log in to Spotify to demo this either only to upload your custom playlist!

After completing this project I am glad to say I have a far better understanding of some vital core concepts such as

  • State management using React-Context (sorry Redux I plan to come back to that)

  • Using dotenv to hide API keys on the client side. This is not stressed enough in the initial project and as a newbie I discovered the importance of this AFTER commiting my secret to the main branch (yikes!). So definitely don’t do that.

  • To echo my previous statement I then refreshed my memory of GitBash and the concept of removing commit history and its benefits, shortcoming, etc.

For any questions about the project itself feel free to ask here or look over the repo. As this is my first project im looking for any advice or help I can get! I’ve left comments over some key features in the app in components

  • App.js
  • PlaylistPage.js
  • SearchBar.js

If anything can be refactored to something better I am all ears! There are some other problems I have specified in the ReadMe of the repo :slight_smile:

Happy Coding!

Great job on the project!

Thank you for sharing your experience as well once you finished the project.

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