React Part II Jamming Project: Too Difficult Too Soon?

Hello everyone!

I am following the Front End course as a complete beginner and recently started React Part II. I felt quite lost when I finished the first lessons and notice that the first project “Practice Project: Jamming” had so little information for a “practice” project, in the format of a major portfolio project. Once I read through it I didn’t understand almost any of the steps as the instructions are awfully vague. As the very first React project (off platform), I feel like it is terribly hard and complicated, with very little guidance and more topics than just starting a simple React page (includes api requests, authetication, etc)

What I have thought to do is follow an old (3 months) video I found on Youtube where they had actual step by step tasks, follow that and try to adapt it to the newer version. I personally believe that React Part II has been the weakest point of the course. Very little information for what is required, and a really big first React project (“Jamming”) with so many things requested to have done (react components, api requests, authentication, etc). I personally hope they can fix this course, as I find that it is not very beginner friendly. Unlike the previous courses, such as HTML, CSS and JS, who have more smaller projects (off platform) that help new users start something new yet small. I already thought it was odd that the latest sections had no projects, and now it seems they put all off-platform projects into one, instead of having smaller projects to practice and learn. I believe it’s good to have some good help on the off platform projects (first ones of new topics) as it helps better understand how to start something new. Then, with the portfolio projects, they should be less handheld.

Let me know your thoughts! I hope this can be fixed in the future for others!


I had difficulty with the api portion but found some guidance online and was able to get the project to work. for the second part i used spotify developer page for inspiration to add api calls to get top tracks and recommended tracks.