React.js Jamming project

I’m doing Jamming project in React.js. One of the project task says the following:

Create Static Components

Create components for your Jammming application. You may structure your components as you see fit, but you should have a component representing each of these core components of the interface:

  • App
  • SearchBar
  • SearchResults
  • Playlist
  • Tracklist
  • Track

My question is do I need to create exact same or exact same number of components? I have designed my components differently. it’s doing the same job.

Create a folder named App inside that folder make an App.js and App.css file. Do that for all of them listed. You can make a util folder to create Spotify.js which will contain your Spotify API functions. Lastly, create an assets folder with an images folder that contains the background image of your choice.