React.js Developer Tool

The React.js Developer Tool is not showing up on the Tab on Chrome or Firefox when you do a CTRL-SHIFT-I for a tab running a React app. I wonder if others have the same issue. I’ve seen it reported on google search but no solution. Thanks.


I’m having trouble with this article too ( . My “React” tab shows up as two different tabs “Components” and “Profiler” and Components tab looks similar to the “React” tab in the article. The App doesn’t expand like the article says. Can’t really follow the article. :woman_shrugging:

I am facing the same issue. I believe that’s simply because the Developer Tools were updated in the meantime and function differently.

Could this Article please get updated to reflect the currect state of the Developer Tools?

I’m having the same problem, has anyone resolved this?

Hello, can anyone explain to me why I cannot expand the page’s React tree? I’ve done everything right so far from what I can see…

EDIT: Here is my code in case that helps

EDIT 2: I apologise for the second edit, but once again, I have solved the problem moments after posting this! I hope this helps any one else who have this issue. Basically if you uncheck the tab after “Hide components where…” then you can see the full tree of the start of your project.



Thank you so so so much. It was very helpful.